A new non fixed style

As much as i love Aura i thought i should play around with a new style and move away from fixed widths at the same time. Then it got me thinking - I mean, whats a good style for a blog? Do you like fixed width? or would you prefer it to stretch to you 1280*1024 screen? One blog that has changed recently is Anticlue, which i think is a good example of the style stretching but the text fixed. Kay Smoljak has a post about fixed widths aswell, but stays clear of the Fixed width good or bad, which was probably a wise descission :o) My personal opinion is that i don't care either way just as long i can read the text. But what do you think?By the way if you want to go back to the Aura look just look for and click on "Style Swtich". It set a cookie and saves your preference.