Win2000 pro Update warning

Well after Billy Gates decided to blame users for security problems i thought best not give him a reason to say that, anyway, I dont know if this is an isolated incident (i cant find any reference to it on the web yet) but i have just updated my dev machine and on restart i got a pop-up saying "do you want to send this error report to MS" (i soooo wish i print screen'd this now) plus ive lost "administerable services"

The 3 patches were released yesterday, though this is the second problem i've had. My home machine last night also came up with a "do you want to send this error report to MS" upon restart, though everything else was fine.

The big problem here is that Bill is blaming users for not updating machines and is looking at pushing these updates straight onto the PC in the future without the user having a choice. By doing this we can keep virus/worm exploits to a minimum apparently. He's already doing it with the Xbox Live so users cant put Linux on his machines. My concren is what if the patch goes out and upon resart of your machine it wont load because you got X component and y software running which conflicts with the new patch?

Ok, im a pessimist, just a word of warning though thats all.