Mach-ii and Macromedia

Ive been following the development of Mach-ii framework losely. Not because im not interested in a new way of programing, but because of learning Java and introducing myself to OO at the moment. Anyway over the weekend i dashed over to Sean A Corfield blogs as i know he's publsihed quite a bit in the area and had a bit to do with the development. While there he had just "blogged" about the newly updated CF coding standards, it was then i noticed that at Macromedia[MM], there was published the Mach-ii coding standards. After a quick post to Seans blog i learnt that MM like the framework as it fits into there style of coding and development, so we should be seeing some more of it in the future (probably in Devnet examples first).
I cant help thinking though is this a good thing or not. Im not trying to put it down or anything, actually i think its a great idea. Im more worried that MM inadvertenly set a standard that could be required/forced. An example could be an IT manager looking over a Fusebox or Black box framework and ditch that because its seen that MM use Mach-ii so it must be best. I dunno, maybe i could be wrong maybe its the the conspiracy theorist in me just thinking out loud :o)