This is one topic i love. There has been two good blog entries and comments recently, one is at Raymond Camden site called Wake up and smell the ide and the other one is over at Sean A Corfield blog, entitled Unbundling Homesite+. Personally im using Homesite+ 5.2, yeah there are a few little bugs but generally it works to my satisfaction. I've also downloaded DWMX 2004 and given the 30 day trial a bash (i still have 6 days left) but i just cant get into it. Personally i dont see it as a true hand coders enviroment, there's something about it which keeps making go back to HS+. Though i got to take my hat of for the WYSIWYG side of it as that has came on leaps and bounds (anyone who used UltraDev would know this), and because of this maybe i've "cheated" and knocked up a couple of big forms quickly. Either way though its just not for me, and the only reason to get my company to upgrade will be for homesite 5.5+.Ive also just started learning Java and their IDE's full into another whole range of ............well dodginess. The college im learning Java at is using Sun ONE Studio 4. So their we are in class loading this up (this was painfully slow) and 5 minutes later we finally got going. The actual IDE is well....built in Java so runs slow(ish) and is just painful to use, with me and 3 other students all having it crash on us at least once during the lesson. But i am new to it and at the moment looking through goggle for more and maybe better ones. So if you know of any please drop me a comment and let me know :o)