HS+ 5.5 and server side behaviour....well close enough

I'm guessing most people who read this have already seen and read Custom server behaviors in DWMX over at DEVNET. Well HS+ can also do the same....well nearly, just not as powerful.

If any one has read Ray Camden's blog then he has mentioned about putting variables in HS+ snippets. But not only that you can also have the same kind of functionality as DWMX Server behaviors i.e. editable variables. Here's the how part:
  1. In HomeSite+, in the snippet pannel, "Add snippet".
  2. For Description call it "Personalised comment" - eek, my locality comes out in my spelling ;o)
  3. In Start text place
    <!--- $${myComment}
    . The only stipulation here is that it cannot be an UPPER case reserved word from HS+ own variables e.g. MONTH, CURRENTFILE, oh and no spaces either.
  4. In the End text place

And that's it, you now have a quick editable comment. All thats left to do now is from the snippets pannel execute "Personalised comment".

There you have it, your first customisable snippet.