CSS and Divs or Good ol tables.

I've been battling recently with starting new projects using CSS and div positioning instead of, good old trusty tables. This all started eons ago when I came across, by accident, Jeff Zeldmans ( A-list Apart ( website. I remember thinking, "WOW, look ma no tables"Still being in my web infancy I played a little but didn't grasp the "why" i.e. standards.Its only a year or two on and more and more CSS aware site are appearing (mainly due to blogs I think as the layout tends to be an easy CSS two box model). So it got me going over all my CSS links and really considering it as an option. Around this time one of my friends who's a designer and ASP programmer (its not his fault ;o) ) was thinking about his next project and using XHTML and CSS, and he asked what do I think.My response and initial non-thinking reply:"Personally I wouldn't bother, if you look around no one is using it [in general], and the only sites that do tend to be aimed at the likes of us [developers, designers, general web savvy's], who have/keep their browser updated."And this is the problem I have with moving over to CSS, it's still not standard enough when it comes to browsers and there renditions of it. There's still more hacks you need, and I thought CSS was meant to move away from this. I know it cuts down on web page size, and saves money on bandwidth, but at the moment I think until it starts behaving properly in all browsers its never going be taken on. But before everyone thinks I hate CSS please don't get me wrong, for CSS there are some amazing sites that prove it can done and done well, just check out Also personally I love it, and my new blog layout will be in using CSS, because I know you [the reader] is probably a web developer who likes to keep their browser relatively updated (though I have one user apparently who wont except .png according to my logs, who are you ?), and because of that im fairly confident the site will work in *most* browsers.But until the hacks, positioning, box model, and all the other little things are addressed I don't think a full CSS site in a commercial environment is viable?But that's just my current thoughts? What do you think?